Benny Cenac Announces Completion of Ingram Tug Construction

Benny Cenac Announces Completion of Ingram Tug Construction

Benny Cenac Announces Completion of Ingram Tug Construction

Benny Cenac Announces Completion of Ingram Tug Construction


Mr. Benny Cenac, Jr. recently announced the completion of the first of ten tugs for Ingram Marine Group at his Houma based shipyard, Main Iron Works.  The first vessel, The Adrienne M. Moore, was delivered on Tuesday, March 30, 2021. Main Iron Works has reported they have already received word that the new vessel has been performing and handling well.  “We love hearing any feedback from clients.  Especially on a project of this magnitude. It helps us moving forward with the construction of the next nine vessels,” stated Benny Cenac.


The Adrienne M. Moore has a Hull 469 and was designed by Main Iron Works, Ingram Marine Group, and Ashraf Degedy PE.  It measures 78’x32’x10’ and is a twin screw vessel.  Its main engines are Caterpillar C32 Tier 3 marine engines rated @ 800hp each. Its generators are John Deere 99kw Northern Lights C series, and its propellers are 76”x62” Michigan special propellers which were furnished by Houma Machine and Propeller.  Eagle Control Systems provided an automatic transfer switchboard, machinery alarm system, captain down system, fire alarm system, fully electric over hydraulic steering system, and a general alarm system designed specifically for Ingram. A successful sea trial was completed on March 19, 2021.


As the first of 10, it serves as the model for all future vessels constructed under the current contract.  Plans currently include the delivery of two more tugs in 2021, three in 2022, and three in 2023, with the final being delivered in 2024. Main Iron Works and Cenac have a longstanding history with Ingram Marine Group and look forward to the construction of more tugs in the future.


During the christening ceremony held in early June for the M/V Adrienne M. Moore, the M/V Tom Cornwell was also honored. This was the second vessel built and delivered by Main Iron Works in 2021.  Both vessels were named after employees who have long worked with Ingram Marine. Each boat has the same specifications and machinery.


Ingram Marine Group has a rich history in the towing industry dating back to 1946 and share many of the same values as the Cenac family of companies:  safety; service; sustainability. They have served as a quality marine transporter on America’s inland waterways since 1946, starting out as a small, family-owned business and growing into what they are today: the largest dry cargo carrier and one of the top chemical carriers on the river.  They currently offer the transportation of liquids, energy, agriculture supplies, metals, and construction materials in the US inland waterway system, and these new, more energy efficient, tugs will assist in meeting their values and services for years to come.


Main Iron Works has been providing shipbuilding and refurbishing services in the Houma area since 1947 and was founded by Arlen B. Cenac’s maternal grandfather, Horace “Jack” Guidry.  The innovative shipbuilding company was acquired by Arlen B. Cenac, Jr. and the Cenac Group in July 2015. Following the acquisition, Cenac Marine Services has continued to operate Main Iron Works as an independent entity under the Cenac Group umbrella, growing its construction of world-class, innovative push boats. The acquisition has also enabled the shipbuilding leader to expand services to also include a full service machine shop. Facilities and operations have since been modernized in order to improve upon the foundation of quality set so many years ago by Cenac’s grandfather. While under Benny Cenac’s leadership, Main Iron Works has remained a leader in tug construction while also becoming a perfect complement to Cenac Marine’s core mission. The two companies’ combined make for a dynamic duo.

For more on tugboat construction at Main Iron Works, visit here.




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