Arlen Benny Cenac Jr. & Co. Receive LWCC Safety Award

Arlen Benny Cenac Jr. & Co. Receive Safety Award

Arlen Benny Cenac Jr. & Co. Receive LWCC Safety Award

Arlen Benny Cenac Jr. of Cenac Marine Services and CTCO Benefits Services LLC was recently awarded the Louisiana’s Workers Compensation Corporations’ (LWCC) Safest 70 Award. Cenac was awarded in honor of his leadership in providing his employees with a safe workplace, and abiding by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) laws and guidelines, something that has always been at the top of Cenac’s priority list.

The award, which acknowledges excellence, outstanding performance, and commitment to workplace safety, is given to the top 70 of over 16,000 entities insured by LWCC. Companies are recognized based on the effectiveness of their safety efforts in preventing injuries and maintaining a consistent workplace safety history. As stated by LWCC in a letter sent to Cenac, “Policyholders are recognized based on the effectiveness of their safety efforts.”

Arlen Benny Cenac Jr.’s businesses serve as a vital role in the economy of his community, and he believes that ensuring workers are safe has always been his company’s first priority since his grandfather founded Cenac Marine Services in 1927. After becoming CEO in 1981, Arlen Benny Cenac Jr. has focused on ensuring that employees and customers are treated fairly, while also providing great customer service, efficiency, quality, and safety in the company’s marine transportation services. This commitment to safety in the workplace has extended across his many businesses, including on his own ranch, Golden Ranch Farms.

In the letter accompanying the award, the company was highly praised, “LWCC is deeply committed to workplace safety. We established the Safest 70 award program to show appreciation to our policyholders who share this commitment. Your agency, Paul’s Insurance Services, LLC, and LWCC are proud of your work and will continue to recognize similar efforts in the future.”

Arlen Benny Cenac Jr.: Safe Business in His Community

As a lifelong resident and business owner in Houma, Arlen Benny Cenac Jr. understands that following all OSHA guidelines serves a vital role in both the economics and morality of doing business in his community. Growing up on the canals of Louisiana, Cenac expressed his attentiveness towards the potential dangers of marine trade, and upholds strict guidelines for all his captains and crew, ensuring safety is prioritized above profitability.

According to a report by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), out of over 3500 boating accidents that occurred in 2017, nearly 600 were fatal. The rate of fatal boating accidents is even higher in Louisiana, where there was a 2016 average of 7.8 deaths per 100,000 registered recreational boats, compared to the national average of 5.9 deaths. Benny understands that practicing safety across all sectors of business can safeguard employees from potentially devastating accidents. The same report by the USCG cited operator inattention is the number one cause of boating accidents, followed by improper lookout, operator inexperience, excessive speed, and alcohol.

LWCC is a private, nonprofit mutual insurance company that is the largest workers compensation carrier in the state. Since 1992, LWCC has focused on the unique needs of Louisiana business and offers policyholders a full range of services under one roof. Their efforts to promote workplace safety and reduce claim costs have resulted in lower rates for all customers statewide. The Safest 70 Award is a large contribution to those efforts.

As a leader and lifelong member of his community, Benny continues to serve on many committees and boards, including his alma mater, Nicholls State University’s  College of Business Advisory Board and Nicholls State Foundation. Cenac is also a member of Waterways Operators, South Central Industrial Association, Bayou Community Foundation, and Greater New Orleans Foundation. Cenac has also served as a board member of Restore or Retreat, a nonprofit working to identify, expedite and aggressively engage solutions to urgently achieve comprehensive coastal restoration.

Arlen Benny Cenac Jr. is thankful to LWCC for recognizing his decades-long work of ensuring that employees are safe and cautious across his many businesses. As a third-generation owner of  Cenac Towing Company, he continues to be guided by the values and principles embedded into the fabric of the company by his grandfather over 85 years ago, following a commitment to employee satisfaction and great company morale.

Cenac knows that safety has and will always be the most important factor in his businesses. On behalf of Cenac Companies, we are proud to be a part of the Safest 70 Awards and look forward to many more years of safety in the workplace for generations to come.

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